Cam Pietralunga

My abstract paintings spring from my emotional and creative fascinations — what I feel and what I love, I put on the canvas. Painting abstracts is the most freeing and fulfilling expression of art. Every morning I wake thinking about what I can create next!

When I create a new piece, I generally turn on music and dive into the canvas with mark making and layering colors, shapes and lines. I try to be brave and make moves that surprise and delight me. It can evolve into anything. I try not to be particular when I begin. A full vision of what the painting is comes to me as I work. A meandering and intuitive phase soon submits to my critical sensibilities and ultimately becomes an abstract message to the viewer.

My paintings live and breathe. They are optimistic, bold and graphic. Often a vague story is told or conjured by the viewer. They move and, I hope, bring life to the spaces they inhabit.